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Dear Galactic Family, Believe Only in Any Kind of Information, if You Agree With Your Own Intelligence And Knowingness. Therefore We Appreciate and Respect Everyone's Opinion-Beliefs About Any kind of information!

The Elohims - Voices Of Energies


The Elohims - The Beauty Within (432HZ) 



The Elohims - Earth Beings (432HZ)



The Elohims - 12 Strands Of DNA Activation



Dubstep - Excision Shambhala ft. Mechano (Darth Vader Remix)


The Annunaki-Elohim - Our Galactic Historys



Join The Universal Planetary Of Peace and Harmony, It Starts Here On Earth With Us.

The YahYel & Adronis Open Contact With Humanity


Information-Beliefs, Determines Our Emotions Thoughts And Behavior, and how We interact With each other.

Information-Knowingness, What we have Learned From Childhood, Determines Our Reality We Perceive and Experiencing and the systems we use to live like politics and money.

For Now You Can Find Shortly, Information About Galactic Civilizations, in Which They Have Contact With Us In A Channeling State And Share Information With Us.

As we Learn To Live in Love And Harmony With Each Other, As Individuals, As One Country As One World, Without Weapons End Wars, and When We Wish Open Contact. Then I know, That Our Familys Will Make Openly Physical Contact With The Majority Of The World. Because As We Reach as individuals As One World A Higher State of Consciousness, which Means Love and Understanding Each Other, Then We Can Interact With Them, Because They Operate In A High Level Of Love and Harmony.
We Mast Change First!


The Governments are supposed to be a Facilitation Consultancy and not an authority that have to rule and decide almost everything about the systems we humans use!

in this site, I will soon share my insight, my ideas, my knowingness about how we can form a groep of Facilitation Consultancy in each village every city every country.

Stop supporting the governments and feel free to join the Free Resource Based Economy for all without money politics war and poverty! I'm a supporter of (The Venus project)

Which enables us to share evertying we aready have, and to come closer in to contact with Galactic Civilizations as well.

As we coexist in unity and harmony together.


My opinion is That, God is Not Only Outside of Us, It is Also Within Us. We Are part Of It, And It is Part Of Us. it Flows Through You And Me, And All That Exists, it Connects Everything With Each Other, In The Air We Breathe Together...
God Is everywhere, We Are Co-Creator Gods-Children's, The Blood Force of The Intelligence-God-Universe-it-Self.


We have the Power To Bring Change In Love And Peace And stand Up As One Nation As One World And Unite As One Galactic-Universal Family to Create Harmony and Peace.


We Are Always in The Universal Galactic Heart Of Light Within All That Exist, Together and Always.


(Introduction) Thrive What On Earth Will It Take?



The Venus Project introduction - Full Movie (NL ondertiteling)


Knowing Our Inner Heart - Ishuwa & the Yahyel



Our Phoenix Lights UFO contact - Ishuwa & the Yahyel



Bashar - The Shalanaya are the Yahyel


ELOHEIM: You ARE that BIG!! 1-30-2013



Bashar You Chose To Be On Planet Earth



GRAY STATE Official Concept Trailer


GRAY STATE Official Concept Trailer


Writer/Director of "Gray State" Found DEAD

The movie was currently in production and Crowley had recently received a contract of $30 million to complete the project of his dreams. While depression can have its harshest affects on people, his friends and co-workers have stated that the police story is highly unlikely






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TReb channeling - Treb talks to Farzad


Planetary Galactic and Universal Councils



AREA 51 Technology- The Bob Lazar Investigation! Part 1of 3



AREA 51 Technology- The Bob Lazar Investigation! Part 2 of 3


AREA 51 Technology- The Bob Lazar Investigation! Part 3of 3


There is a secret war being waged in Space


Listen to "An Introduction from Bashar - Audio"

Bashar is a multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future. Bashar explores a wide-range of subjects with great insight, humor and a profound understanding of how reality creation occurs! New to Bashar?


Bashar - Who is Bashar?

Bashar On ET Contact with Planet Earth



Bashar - Hidden mbers in Sphinx and Pyramids



Phoenix Lights Documentary Part 1 of 9

Phoenix Lights Documentary Deel 2

Phoenix Lights Documentary Deel 3

Phoenix Lights Documentary Deel 4

Phoenix Lights Documentary Deel 5

Phoenix Lights Documentary Deel 6

Phoenix Lights Documentary Deel 7

Phoenix Lights Documentary Deel 8


The Roswell Crash Reports: Documentary on the 1947 Incident


The URZI UFO Case - The Full Story - Authentic & Complete


The Secret - Evidence We Are Not Alone


Above Top Secret - UFOs, Nikola Tesla, Free










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